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Introductory Talks & Meetups (free or by donation)

An integral part of the Meditation Trust’s mission is to go into communities to spread correct understanding of the heart of Yoga as Transcendence (meditation) and give a taste of yogic mindfulness of body and breath, which is designed as the ultimate preparation for deep meditation.

This is our comprehensive workshop ‘Mindfulness & Transcendence – the dynamic duo of Yoga ‘, an ideal opportunity to learn about what meditation is (including the 3 main categories), what stress really is and its antidote according to Yoga, speak to teachers directly and experience different types of mindfulness first hand. For this public workshop participants may be invited to make a donation to the charity either directly or via the venue.

The workshop can also be presented in Corporate settings where the Company is invited to make a donation of £290 (for as many people as you wish), which helps us to provide a similar service for free as part of our charitable educational activities for communities with limited funds (e.g. in schools, prisons, other charities).

If you find no introductory session on this page that suits you, the trust founder Colin Beckley would be very happy to have a private introductory chat with you and discuss all the queries you may have. Please call him on 01843 847952.

Free Introductory Talks and Workshops


More Yoga, Greenwich Creekside, Unit 4, 2 Copperas St. SE8 3FB - 'Mindfulness and Beyond' Workshop - booking & donation required:

16 May 2018


6.15pm - 8pm

All Saints Church House, Kent Gardens (corner with Canterbury Rd.), Birchington, CT7 9RS

25 May 2018


6pm - 7.30pm
22 Jun 2018


6pm - 7.30pm

Meetup Groups

“Learning TM had an immediate impact, it transformed my life. I was a trained nurse on night duty at the time and my colleagues noticed the difference. I don’t know how I would have managed without it. It is because of TM that I’m where I am today” Rachel Redcliffe