Already Learned Transcendental Meditation?

Meditators’ Meetings with a Teacher

Your chance to enjoy meditating in a large group, where the effect will be more powerful than on your own at home. Meetings usually feature a 20-minute meditation and 10-minute ‘group meditation check’, with a chance to ask questions and also meet and chat with your teacher or others who have been meditating for maybe one month or many years. Mantra checking may also be available. You will gain greater understanding of your meditation, your experiences, Yoga principles and teachings on the nature of  life from attending these meetings, which will greatly enhance your deepening experiences and speed your progress.

The Dates



20 Oct 2019


1.30pm - 3pm
15 Dec 2019


1.30pm - 3pm


27 Oct 2019


2.30pm - 4.00pm


01 Dec 2019


1.30pm - 3.00pm


08 Dec 2019


2.00pm - 3.30pm
The South

Thanet, Kent

01 Nov 2019


06 Dec 2019



Meditators’ Meetings play a very important role in our progress in three ways:

  • Mentally, as our awareness expands it is important that our intellectual understanding also expands so that we feel comfortable with our experiences and progress. Sometimes we may need to hear the answer to certain misunderstandings several times before clarity dawns. Meetings with a teacher present provide the opportunity for this.
  • Psychologically, it is uplifting to feel the support of a group, make new friends, and be inspired and motivated to keep up regular practice.
  • Most important of all is what scientists refer to as “the group dynamics of consciousness“. The coherence of individual minds creates a group coherence which helps everyone to transcend more deeply, consciousness to expand and our progress as a result. This is similar to the experience of sitting with an ‘enlightened master’ in the traditional way.

Frequency of meetings may be weekly or fortnightly in some areas, but every three months in some others. We encourage members to organise their own local Group Meditations in between with the help of our office.
Should you be unable to make a meeting but have a question, you can call your teacher or Trust Director, Colin Beckley, any time (if you have lost the number please call the officeand they will be pleased to pass this on to you after verifying your identity).

If the meeting is not with your own teacher and it is your first visit, please let the office know so that you are expected. Meetings are free, but a donation is appreciated to help with the cost of the venue.

Meeting Dates – With a Teacher

Most are on the Sunday afternoon of a teaching weekend, and are up to 2 hours in length.
Details of addresses and directions can be obtained from our office if required.
You should also get notification of these dates and times by email.
If not, please email our office with a request.

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