How to Transcend a Stressful Lifestyle

For many hard-pressed executives work is ruling their lifestyle: laptops feature in bedrooms and mobiles interrupt Sunday lunch. But many business leaders have begun to search for a less stressful way of working that does not adversely affect their managerial competence. Several executives are taking the teachings of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi to their hearts and minds… [using] transcendental meditation ( TM ) as a foolproof method that tackles stress at the cause.
The effectiveness of TM is no longer in doubt [and] practitioners say the results are impressive. TM is said to reduce stress, increase alertness, creativity, well-being and motivation; heighten decision making and job satisfaction; improve relationships with colleagues and customers and generally increase efficiency at work.
Nigel Barlow, a TM enthusiast, runs his own management consultancy, Service Legends. In his book, Batteries Included, about customer service and creativity at work, he shares how he believes TM can help resolve stressful business situations. Nigel regularly addresses conferences around the world and finds that TM helps to soothe his pre-public speaking nerves. “TM gives me a feeling of inner invincibility which means I can’t be fazed,” he says. “TM is invaluable for getting over the jet lag after a long haul flight…”
The more sceptical executives swear by tennis, jogging, fishing, golf, gardening, reading and listening to soothing music as their antidote to being stressed out. These are all relaxing, enjoyable activities, and provide a welcome change of pace, a break in the routine. The difference is that TM draws the mind back to its own source, a reservoir of energy, creativity, and intelligence… Moreover, the benefits of TM are cumulative so the longer you do it, the more rewards you reap.
This article was written and published by The Guardian

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