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Transcendental Meditation Edinburgh

Our Edinburgh TM courses are held at 2 locations, the Saturday personal instruction is at The Salisbury Centre and the Sunday & Monday group meetings are at Mulberry House.

Transcendental Meditation Edinburgh Course Locations
Our Edinburgh TM courses are held at 2 locations, the Saturday personal instruction is at The Salisbury Centre and the Sunday & Monday group meetings are at Mulberry House.

The Salisbury Centre, 2 Salisbury Rd, Edinburgh EH16 5AB

Direction to venue
The nearest train station is Waverley Station.
Buses from the city centre that pass Salisbury Road:
2, 3, 5, 7, 8, 14, 29, 30, 31, 33, 37, 47, 48, 49

The Salisbury Centre is in the City of Edinburgh restricted parking zone 7. There are 12 pay parking spaces on the street with more in adjacent streets. Parking is free after 5.30pm. We are 5 minutes from the nearest unrestricted parking area.

Personal instruction for 1 hour (allow one and a half hours, so as not to be under any pressure of time) where you learn the basic technique of TM & can then practice it on your own at home. At The Salisbury Centre a charming complementary health centre & true oasis 5 minutes drive from the town centre & just off Dalkeith Road.

We are talking Edinburgh here. It goes without saying you are spoilt for choice with an excellent selection of cafes & restaurants within easy walking distance in any direction.

Sunday & Monday
Mulberry House
21 Manor Place
Edinburgh, EH3 7DX

Another lovely complementary health clinic in the West End, just 5 minutes walk from the Haymarket train Station.

Sorry no disabled access.
On street parking is available on Manor Place & round the corner on Melville Street, free on Sunday & after 6.30pm on Monday.

Again an abundance of cafes, pubs & supermarkets

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The Transcendental Meditation Edinburgh course structure
Personal, one to one instruction where you learn how to meditate, allow one and a half hours. This is followed by 3 group meetings where the technique is fine tuned and you get a clearer & more practical understanding of TM which equips you to meditate on a regular basis in everyday life. The group meetings are very informal, enjoyable & you don’t have to speak unless you want too. The number of participants vary with the max being 16 and the average about 12.

Sunday: Group sessions, 10.30am – 1.00pm and 6.30 – 8.30pm
Monday: Group session, 6.00 – 8.00pm.

If you’d like to learn Transcendental Meditation in Edinburgh with the Meditation Trust see the latest course dates and venues page for more information…

Free support & guidance
Transcendental Meditation (TM) is very much a technique you can practice on your own and use to enrich everyday life, correctly practised it should be an easy, effortless & enjoyable experience. Most people like to have the option of keeping in touch, consequently we offer ongoing, regular follow up refresher sessions which are open to anyone who has ever learned TM.

The Edinburgh Transcendental Meditation Teacher
Chris Greathead has been teaching TM courses for over 30 years. He first learnt TM in 1971 & spent many years studying with Maharishi’s TM organisation in Switzerland, France, India & the UK qualifying as a TM teacher in 1977. Based in Newcastle upon Tyne since 1985 he has taught TM fulltime across the UK & worked with staff from most of the major private & public sector organisations & business’s in the north east.

In 1995 he left the international TM organisation after fundamentally disagreeing with the direction they were taking & the huge increase in the fee to learn TM.

He has since continued teaching TM as an independent teacher as part of the Meditation Trust with what he hopes is a more down to earth approach. “The main thing to understand about TM, is that on the one hand it is the simplest thing you will ever learn, but there is definitely a subtlety to it which is why one needs a bit of guidance initially. There is no such thing as a good or bad meditator, anyone & everyone can meditate, but once learned it is a simple & precious skill you have for life.

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I am still meditating every day and finding it really helpful, it’s one of the best things I ever did
Alison, Teacher, Edinburgh

Chris is an experienced teacher of T.M. having studied and practised it himself for many years. I was in awe of the results that I received. It was a fantastic feeling to find a ‘tool’ that can be easily integrated into your daily life which can bring such relaxation to a stressful day!
Lee, Businessman, Scotland/Hongkong

My TM progress… So far I have not missed a single 20min session since taking your course (sometimes even pretending to ‘sleep’ while travelling on business with my director or meditating on the bus on my way to work). The biggest improvement has definitely been in my sleep, which has seen mostly an end to my earlier bouts of insomnia. My ability to focus has improved as well. Still waiting for the bliss, but am content with the deep relaxation it gives me.
John, Businessman, Edinburgh

Chris provides an excellent, well priced service, that has allowed me greater levels of relaxation then I had ever thought possible. I found the process to be so beneficial that I have referred many people to his courses and all have talked extremely highly of both Chris and the quality of the service he provides.
Gary, Health professional, Edinburgh