Transcendental Meditation Bursary for Low Incomes

Transcendental Meditation free courses are not available with any organisation but the Meditation Trust offers bursaries for low income families and makes learning TM affordable for everyone.

Learning Transcendental Meditation involves being taught the most valuable ancient wisdom from a highly qualified and skilled professional teacher, who also provides free ongoing Transcendental Meditation support and guidance for life to their thousands of students. Therefore, a one-off fee is necessary to cover teaching and living costs. However, the Meditation Trust was formed and is dedicated to ensuring that access to this precious knowledge is not restricted by financial difficulty and as much as we would like to offer Transcendental Meditation Free courses we do offer options for financial hardship to open learning TM to everyone.

The Meditation Trust do offer life-long support of Transcendental Meditation Free after learning.

If you have a low income (under £10k p.a.), no savings and are not supported by others, you can apply to receive a bursary to help with the cost of your course. The bursary is provided from generous donations by supporters of the Meditation Trust charity. Please be aware that if you are awarded the bursary you may be preventing someone else from receiving one, so you are requested to consider carefully your level of need.

You will be asked to submit proof of income with your application; we accept pay slips, P60, letter from your employer, bank statement or proof of unemployment and benefits.

To apply for a bursary please contact the office here…

“I wish I had found out about this years ago. Meditating helps me to be calm and go down to stiller and quieter waters. The best money we have ever spent.” Sarah Kirley

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