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Transcendental Meditation Newcastle

Our regular North East Transcendental Meditation courses are taught in the vibrant city of Newcastle upon Tyne with its rich mix of cafes, restaurants, bars, theatres, art galleries, museums, dramatic quayside & bridges, not to mention having some of the most spectacular coast & countryside in the UK right on its doorstep.

Transcendental Meditation Newcastle upon Tyne Course Location
Our Newcastle TM courses are held over 4 days at 3 venues:

Friday or Saturday:
Personal instruction for 1 hour (allow one and a half hours, so as not to be under any pressure of time) where you learn the basic technique of TM & can then practice it on your own at home.

This is at a private residence on Otterburn Avenue in Gosforth, just a 5 minute drive from the city centre. Please note Otterburn Avenue is on a walkway & there is free parking on adjoining Ashburton Road.
This venue has disabled access.

Café Beam on Ashburton Road does great coffee & cake and a 15 minute walk will take you too nearby Gosforth High Street with a good range of cafes & restaurants, our favourite is Rosies…
Follow up group meetings on Sunday, Monday & Tuesday

Personal instruction is then followed by 3 group meetings where the technique is fine tuned and you get a clearer & more practical understanding of TM which equips you to meditate on a regular basis in everyday life. The group meetings are very informal, enjoyable & you don’t have to speak unless you want too. The number of participants vary with the max being 16 & the average being about 12.

Group meeting 11.00am to 1.30pm. At Newcastle City Library in the town centre:
Newcastle City Library
Charles Avison Building
33 New Bridge Street West
Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 8AX

This venue has disabled access.

Monday & Tuesday
Group meetings 6.30 to 8.30pm. At MEA House again in the city centre, a 5 minute walk from the library & opposite the main entrance to Northumbria University:
MEA House Ellison Place
Newcastle upon Tyne
Tyne and Wear NE1 8XS

This venue has disabled access.
Parking info see here…
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The library has a very nice café. Nearby favourites are The Tyneside Café Bar & Cinema, a great place for good food and great films; and Café Royal.
For all information on Newcastle upon Tyne visit here…

The Transcendental Meditation Newcastle upon Tyne course structure
Friday or Saturday: Personal, one to one instruction where you learn how to meditate, allow about one and a half hours.
Sunday: Group session, 11.00am – 1.30pm
Monday: Group session, 6.30 – 8.30pm.
Tuesday: Group session, 6.30 – 8.30pm.

Recommended car park for all Newcastle group meetings:
Ellison Place Car Park, free after 6.00pm, £3 all day parking on Sundays.

Free support & guidance
Transcendental Meditation (TM) is very much a technique you can practice on your own and use to enrich everyday life, correctly practised it should be an easy, effortless & enjoyable experience. Most people like to have the option of keeping in touch, consequently we offer ongoing, regular follow up refresher sessions which are open to anyone who has ever learned TM.

The Newcastle Transcendental Meditation Teacher
Chris Greathead has been teaching TM courses for over 30 years. He first learnt TM in 1971 & spent many years studying with Maharishi’s TM organisation in Switzerland, France, India & the UK qualifying as a TM teacher in 1977. Based in Newcastle upon Tyne since 1985 he has taught TM fulltime across the UK & worked with staff from most of the major private & public sector organisations & business’s in the north east.

In 1995 he left the international TM organisation after fundamentally disagreeing with the direction they were taking & the huge increase in the fee to learn TM.

He has since continued teaching TM as an independent teacher as part of the Meditation Trust with what he hopes is a more down to earth approach. “The main thing to understand about TM, is that on the one hand it is the simplest thing you will ever learn, but there is definitely a subtlety to it which is why one needs a bit of guidance initially. There is no such thing as a good or bad meditator, anyone & everyone can meditate, but once learned it is a simple & precious skill you have for life.

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I learned meditation from Chris a few years ago not sure whether it would do anything for me. It did. Chris is a great teacher; the combination of his personal style and in-depth knowledge is a powerful combination. Highly recommended.
Liz, Newcastle upon Tyne

I’m a huge fan of TM, but wouldn’t touch the official lot with a barge pole. Chris is a brilliant teacher and a nice bloke and he makes TM accessible to people like me who shy away from the more… whacky… sounding stuff
Will, Businessman, Newcastle upon Tyne.

Thanks. Ten years on and still doing TM. It’s a gift I take with me everywhere.
Jane, Newcastle upon Tyne

I practice TM for what it is – a simple and effective deep relaxation technique which has profound health benefits and not some religious mumbo jumbo. I find TM a valuable tool to help me to glide through the stresses of everyday life.
Sue, Newcastle upon Tyne

Having a stressful job I realised I had to do something and decided on TM. For me it has been exceedingly useful and I can work much more effectively when I practise TM regularly. I find that my energy levels increase substantially and I feel more positive in myself and more in control of my life. I’ve also noticed a reduction in fatigue, better sleep and find I have more time for family and leisure. I think so many diseases nowadays are stress related and TM produces physiological changes which enable the body to cope with the stress of modern day life. Practice of TM could well lead to a reduction of drug medication especially in conditions like : asthma, duodenal ulcers, migraine etc
Dr Tony Shaw, GP, County Durham